Harsco Metals & Minerals

Harsco provides environmental and logistical solutions to industry. Any solution is site-specific because of different material properties, site layout, and environmental regulations, among other things. In our experience, there are also common themes which emerge. Many customers today are asking:-

  • What is going to be the future cost of environmental compliance, especially for hard-to-solve waste disposal issues?
  • Given volatile raw material prices and rising waste disposal costs, are higher returns achievable through improved resource recovery?
  • Are there new technologies in energy efficiency that can be deployed?
  • What cost improvement programs be implemented and managed without compromising on quality or productivity

Harsco has developed services to meet the needs of customers across different industry sectors.

Steel mill services Steel mill services Steel mill services
Ferro Alloys Ferro Alloys Slag recycling services for Ferro-alloy producers
Copper Producers Copper Producers Recycling solutions for copper producers.