Harsco Metals & Minerals
Metallurgical Additives Metallurgical Additives Slag conditioning products for secondary metallurgy in steelmaking.
Harsco Crushed Rock Harsco Crushed Rock Steel slag has a number of construction applications
CrossOver™ CrossOver™ CrossOver™ is a magnesium and calcium silicate-based soil conditioner and soil amendment.
AgrowSil® Ag Lime Alternative AgrowSil® Ag Lime Alternative A specially-blended calcium silicate soil conditioner available in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Virginia.
Filter Media Filter Media Our media is used on sports field turf drainage, landfill drainage, degraded water from waste water or storm water
Building Insulation Building Insulation Steel slag as a raw material for manufacturing building insulation
Cement Cement Steel slag as an additive in cement manufacturing