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The ability of slag aggregates to remove or reduce Phosphorous (P) and Heavy Metals from degraded water is not new. Filtered degraded water can be reused in secondary applications such as irrigation of sports fields, crops and other uses that do not require drinking water standards.

Waste Water Treatment

EAF steel slag is used for phosphorus reduction and heavy metals reduction in industrial and agricultural effluent. Slag’s vesicular nature, which provides a greater surface area contact for the elements in solution and for the microbes that help consume the bacteria, means that its best use as a percolating filter media is in Waste Water Treatment plants.

Storm Water

As a result of a joint venture with New Zealand Steel, Harsco Metals developed a solution for treating the mill’s surface water run-off. NZ Steel, based on the findings of the early studies of melter slag in the 1990’s and to support SteelServ’s water treatment marketing initiatives, began installing melter slag filters in 2005 to improve the water quality of their storm water runoff.

The results from these filters have been very satisfactory, particularly in the reduction of Zinc which is high on the site, but also for the reduction of solids. Additional filters were subsequently installed to polish water run off from a contractor’s compound.