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We deliver effective ladle metallurgy treatment through our line of calcium aluminate, calcium silicate and calcium fluoride-based Synthetic Slag products. Each are chemically engineered to rapidly form a highly basic and fluid slag that will absorb impurities such as sulfur as well as the products of steel deoxidation. This ladle refining treatment helps create a steel product with low inclusion levels and within specification to maximize castability, productivity and product quality. These Synthetic Slags are produced with an engineered balance of premelted fluxes to increase the lime/slag melting rate and control the final slag fluidity. They are also custom formulated with supplemental magnesia to extend ladle slagline refractory life.

Product Sizing/Packaging

Synthetic Slags are sized in granular (-3/8”) and coarse (+3/8 x 2”) form. The granular material is typically supplied in 50 pound bags, 2,400 pounds per pallet. Custom bag sizes are also available. Our coarse Synthetic Slags are supplied in supersacks; specific weights are designed for each application. Synthetic Slags are supplied in bulk, bins and supersacks. All packaged Synthetic Slags are supplied on sturdy pallets, shrink wrapped to protect from the environment.

Technical Services

Providing hands on technical support with complete ladle practice analysis utilizing our in-house metallurgical engineering staff; we have experienced steel industry sales personnel who work in conjunction with the highest professional manufacturer’s representatives. We also offer custom product design based on existing parameters such as furnace slag chemistry, slag carryover, alloys used and end point slag chemistry targets. We utilize our own in-house designed Mass Balance computer model. We offer practice recommendations and improvements for Synthetic Slag additions. The process begins with a Slag Analysis of a customer’s current slag, proceeding to on site observations of practices and procedures, then during trials we take samples and evaluate the current slag practice, finally making recommendations to products and practices.

Analytical Capabilities & Quality

We test all incoming Synthetic Slag raw materials, especially the levels of Al2O3, CaO, MgO, FeO, MnO and Sulfur. We also have the capability to test: metallic aluminum via hydrogen evolution, fluorine analysis via ion probe or XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence), full oxide analysis via XRF spectrometer, sulfur and carbon determination via LECO analysis, moisture and L.O.I. determination via high temperature furnace tests, tumble, crush, drop tests for physical strength of briquetted products, bulk density, specific gravity, sizing determinations and mineralogical and metal determinations via XRD (X-Ray Diffraction). Our facilities are ISO 9001; 2008 certified.