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Our aluminum and silicon-based Ladle Slag Conditioners/Deoxidizers are designed to quickly assimilate into the entire ladle slag volume. This facilitates a complete reaction with the carryover furnace slag to effectively reduce the FeO and MnO contents of the slag in the ladle. The result is a more effective slag deoxidation process, which improves alloy recoveries, increases desulfurization efficiency and provides protection to the ladle slagline. These custom-designed products are available with specific levels of metallic aluminum or silicon to lower the oxidation potential of the ladle slag. This decreases alloy fade and thereby minimizes caster clogging and quality downgrades. The final desired outcome is a cost effective and efficient ladle refining process.

Product Sizing/Packaging

Slag Conditioners are sized in either Coarse (+3/8 x 2”) or Briquette (2” x 1½” x ¾”) form. When supplied in Coarse form, they are typically provided in Supersacks, with each size supersack specifically tailored to the application needs. When our Slag Conditioners are provided in briquettes, most often they are delivered in the largest size supersack available, normally 4,000 pounds, loaded into a bulk delivery bin system at the steelmaking facility.

 Our briquetted slag conditioners are also supplied in bulk, which are delivered to a bulk handling bin system. All packaged Slag Conditioners are supplied on sturdy pallets, and shrink-wrapped to protect from the environment.

Technical Services

Providing hands-on technical support with complete ladle practice analysis, our experienced steel industry sales personnel work in conjunction with the manufacturer’s representatives. We also offer custom product design based on existing parameters such as furnace slag chemistry, slag carryover, alloys used and end point slag chemistry target. We utilize our own in-house designed Mass Balance computer model, and offer practice recommendations and improvements for ladle slag conditioning. The process begins with a lab analysis of a customer’s current slag, proceeding to on-site observations of practices and procedures, then during trials we take samples and evaluate the current slag practice, finally making recommendations to products and practices.

Analytical Capabilities & Quality

We test all incoming raw materials, especially those for metallic aluminum determination via hydrogen evolution. We also have the capability to test: Fluorine analysis via ion probe or XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence), full oxide analysis via XRF spectrometer, sulfur and carbon determination via LECO analysis, moisture and L.O.I. determination via high temperature furnace tests, tumble, crush, drop tests for physical strength of briquetted products, bulk density, specific gravity, sizing determinations and mineralogical and metal determinations via XRD (X-Ray Diffraction). Our facilities are ISO 9001; 2008 certified.

Operational Efficiency

We have two operating facilities; East Chicago, IN and Warren, OH. Both facilities offer between 100,000 and 120,000 square feet of operating space. Each facility contains: bulk silo storage of raw materials, rotary dryer with attached screening, bulk blending and packaging, two briquetting lines with attached screening, warehouse space for finished products and lab facilities for material testing. We offer dual plant capabilities, custom blending and packaging, superior on time delivery, utilizing the highest quality raw materials, constantly exceeding customer requirements and cost effective operations.