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Ferroalloy production

Current ferroalloys production worldwide amounts to 30million tons per annum, mainly for use as a raw material in the steel and stainless steel industries.

Chrome, manganese and silicon ferroalloys account for much of the production, though others include Ferromolybdenum, Ferronickel, Ferromolybdenum, Ferrotitanium and Ferrovanadium.

The major ferroalloy-producing countries are China, South Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. China's leading position is due to its dominance in steel production, rather than because of the abundant presence of native ore reserves.


The ferroalloys are smelted in electric arc furnaces, producing a slag by-product. This material can be processed to recover the metal alloy and recycle the residue as an aggregate.

Harsco has 15 years operating experience of the ferroalloys industry, with approximately 6.9 MT of ferroalloy slag processed. We have long term contracts in place with Ferroalloy producers in India, South Africa and Brazil. Our long operating experience and expertise in jigging technology are critical in achieving the highest possible metal yield.