Harsco Metals & Minerals

During smelting of ferroalloys by submerged electric arc furnace, a slag is generated containaing between 6% and 12% recoverable metal as an oxide, depending on the type of alloy being manufactured.

Harsco has 15 years experience in building and operating slag processing plants for recovery of alloys from ferrochrome, ferromanaganes or ferronickel slags, equivalent to 7 million tons of ferroalloy slag processed.

Using in-house expertise – in plant design, project management and equipment suppliers - we offer a zero waste solution for smelters, and have long term contracts in place with smelters in Brazil, India and South Africa.

Crushed and screened slag can be utilised as an aggregate for road building or construction. Our applications for ferroalloy slag co-products after metal recovery reflect local market conditions and environmental regulations for each category of material.

Using jigging technology, we process slag and recover the metal. The demetalled slag can be sold into other industries for recycling as a feedstock.

We offer slag processing services for the following materials:

  • ferrochrome slag
  • ferromanganese slag
  • ferrosilicon slag