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We provide the full range of services for the steelmaker including scrap processing, scrap yard management, and scrap charge optimization. 

Service features

  • Scrap Weighing at the plant entrance, including CCTV recording of the vehicle’s numberplate and barcode scanning of the driver’s badge.
  • Scrap Quality Inspection (including radiation detection and spectrographic analysis) and updating of the accounts receivable system to reflect result of inspection.
  • DGPS tracking of scrap during storage and loading operations.
  • Scrap Processing of internally arising or external scrap using lancing, baling, shredding, drop-balling or shearing with full environmental controls
  • Scrap Loading into the furnace according to the scrap charge recipe specified by the steelmaker


Our  ScrapMaster™ proprietary software system allows control over scrap inventory, giving customers oversight of the operation with management information reports to their desktop, for managing all stages of the scrap supply chain once it enters the steel mill.

Melt Analysis module

The ScrapMaster™ melt analysis module will tell the furnace manager the optimal scrap mix for a particular steel grade, taking into account the inventory on the ground and the merchant scrap prices. It also has a scrap purchase tool, to plan scrap purchasing at the most effective rates over multiple heats.

The Melt Analysis module is powered by Blending Optimization Software Suite™ (BOSS™) from Management Science Associates Inc, which integrates seamlessly with Scrapmaster™.

For the customer, the ScrapMaster™ system means:

  • Savings on external scrap purchasing
  • Realising the maximum value of internal scrap
  • Charging the optimal scrap mix into the furnace on time every time
  • Reviewing the origin of the scrap charge heat-by-heat
  • Optimizing the scrap blend without compromising on the quality of steel

Blending Optimization Software Suite™ and BOSS™ are trademarks owned by Management Science Associates Inc. and used with permission.