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Harsco offers cutting services on semi-finished steel products after casting, for slabs, blooms or billets.

Our cutting/slitting operations include:

  • Transversal cutting (sub-dividing), for instance to produce small pieces for rolling into plate or to re-dimension for strip products
  • Longitudinal cutting to produce narrow slabs or blooms from wide slabs or to trim edges for rolling

All cutting for the operation is controlled from a central cabin where the operator enters the item identification numbers and the cutting requirements. The individual machines detect the location of the slabs or billets and then automatically cut them into the required dimensions.

Options include:

  • Optical measurement and edge alignment
  • Flexibility to accept two items simultaneously for longitudinal cuts
  • Calculation of cut vectors to ensure parallel cuts on poorly positioned slabs or billets 
  • Capability to process transverse cuts in the same fashion as the smaller machines