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Prompt Scrap

Fabrication and Manufacturing scrap is generated from operations that are conducted at different stages in the production of structures, equipment and products. The value of this scrap will be enhanced if the material is segregated into different categories to enable the optimum value recovery. Mixed scrap does not allow for optimum value recovery. Some of this material will be processed to convert it into a physical form suitable for the steelmaking process. (Long materials can be sheared, sheet material can be baled and fine materials can be de-watered/de-oiled and briquetted).

Fabrication Scrap

There will be some overlap in the type of scrap produced in the fabrication and manufacturing stages but in general the scrap from fabrication will be the off-cuts, cuttings, punching, chips, turnings, borings reject fabrications and from the production of components and sub-assemblies. It may be possible to segregate this scrap into different categories at the fabrication shop.

Manufacturing Scrap

Manufacturing scrap will usually be generated in lower volumes and will consist of a higher proportion of finer material (swarf, grindings, polishing sludge, etc).

End-of-Life Scrap 
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