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Baosteel is one of China’s largest steelmakers. In 2011 the company implemented 120 key technical revamping energy-saving and emission-reduction projects, including as platforms:

  • Power plant efficiency
  • High-efficiency furnace and kiln
  • High-efficiency motors
  • Waste heat utilization
  • Compressed air energy saving
  • Water treatment optimization

Its 2011 by-product reclaim rate was an historic high of 27.26%, in the same year if released a ‘Guide for Green procurement’, as well as a ‘Green Manifesto’ and Product Environment Declarations’ – publishing the ecological information of five major types of carbon steel products.

Baosteel was also ranked among China’s 100 most green companies, examples of a company taking seriously its commitment to the environment and to savings through more efficient use of energy.

Recycling of steelmaking by-products into ‘Green’ co-products
Baosteel has set up the first mineral wool company in China, which uses by-products from blast furnaces to produce fireproof thermal insulation material.

Relocation of capacity
Baosteel announced a major initiative in 2012 to move a third of its steelmaking capacity out of Shanghai by 2017. The steelmaker will move part of its operations to China’s southern Guangdong province and northwest Xinjiang province where it has steel production bases.

Its stainless steel arm will be relocated to Zhejiang province’s Ningbo city, moving existing equipment to the new location. The Ningbo location was chosen as it enjoys access to Ningbo Port, one of the busiest in China.
Baosteel took environmental protection into account in coming to the decision.