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5-year plan

In a speech to the APEC Summit in Nov 2011, President Hu Jintao announced continuing rapid growth over the next 5 years in China’s environmental protection industry, underpinned by investment of RMB 3.1 trillion – more than double the figure from the previous five years. This 5-Year Plan was the first to specifically mention climate change and environmental/energy efficiency challenges, with binding targets around these. Chapter 9 of the plan details measures for the iron and steel industry.

Steel industry

China plans to “support such technical development efforts as non-blast furnace iron making, clean steel production and integrated resources utilization”, and to “focus on the development of energy conservation and emission reduction technologies, such as energy management and control systems, high-temperature and high-pressure dry coke quenching, integrated residual heat utilization and desulfurization of sintering flue gas”, as well as on “high-grade non-oriented silicon steel, high magnetic induction oriented silicon steel, high strength machine steel and other key steel varieties”.