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 When US Steel acquired the former East Slovakian Steelworks in Nov 2000, it initiated a program to clear the residual mill waste dump which had accumulated on site in previous years. US Steel intended to recover the metal from the iron-rich by-products, and also improve environmental performance. Harsco has a proven record of experience in recycling iron and steel making by-products.

In Slovakia, Harsco is actively assisting US Steel in its drive for Zero Waste. Problematic by-products that were land filled are now being recycled internally and externally at a rate of almost 230,000 tons per year. Operational savings are being generated, with reductions in landfill volumes and raw material consumption.

Harsco analyzed the various by-products and selected a combination of briquetting and micro-pelletizing as a method of internal recycling. The combination of slurries, scales and dusts are careful weighed, metered and mixed with binders to produce a combination of briquettes and micro-pellets.

The briquettes are used as a valuable source of coolant in the BOS vessels and the micro-pellets are used as an iron feed for the sinter plant. Harsco is continually looking to improve its value proposition to US Steel Kosice. New work on site is focusing on the production of synthetic metallurgical additives for the steel making process.

With the successful application of briquetting and mirco-pelletising through the iron and steel making process the spotlight fell on other iron and steel making by-products that were present on site but still not being recycled. In response to this a process was developed to blend further iron and steel making by-products and market them external to the Kosice site. Harsco's long experience of handling these materials allowed it to develop a specialist additive mixture that can be recycled into another industrial application.