Harsco Metals & Minerals

Due to slag fines arising from stainless steel production, tight controls on slag handling are paramount at ArcelorMittal's Carinox plant, to comply with local environmental regulations. The Belgian Environmental Protection Agency monitors emission levels in the surrounding residential and industrial area.

Taking into consideration wind patterns and dust concentrations during cooling and processing, Harsco designed a solution at Carinox. Special hoods were installed to cover each slag pit bay. In addition, a dry-fog system was put in place to control fugitive emissions.

The Harsco CCTV system at Carinox allows for real-time visual monitoring of conditions on the ground. Water sprayed from the nozzles over the pit control the level of dust. Dust deposits are monitored through sensors every 15 minutes, and wind direction and speed is recorded continuously.

Based on the cumulated amount of dust deposit measured, the software forecasts the daily total and sends an SMS message if the deposit limit is expected to be exceeded by the end of the day. The system can be queried to analyse wind direction and dust deposits over time.