Harsco Metals & Minerals

At the Acindar EAF mill in Argentina, where scrap arrives aboard ships along the River Plate, Harsco has designed and built a facility where external scrap is upgraded and integrated with arising scrap. Most importantly, the correct scrap charge is available on time exactly according to ArcelorMittal’s specified recipe for every heat.

A vital advantage for Harsco was its ability to bring over from Belgium the same specialist engineer who also worked on a scrapyard project using equilibrium cranes and the ScrapMaster™ inventory management system, at ArcelorMittal’s Carinox plant. Harsco also benchmarked the shredder technology it had previously installed in Belgo Pirracicaba, Brazil.

Harsco's ScrapMaster™ is a software system for managing scrap from the time it enters the steel mill until the time it enters the furnace, whether originating internally or externally. The system uses data from weighbridges to record material handled at each stage, as well as any contaminants screened during the quality verification of scrap.

Through the addition of GPS satellite tracking the exact location of each scrap bay is recorded with sub-meter accuracy. Management information reporting via email is also available to the customer for process control purposes.

Harsco built a strategic scrapyard to stockpile the required scrap grades and installed a shredder to upgrade the scrap to the required quality, removing any contaminants from the metal. The operation achieves a high scrap throughput with a combination of equilibrium cranes and mobile equipment.

View video of our ScrapMaster technology or click play below.