Harsco Metals & Minerals

The Saudi Iron & Steel Company (Hadeed) has a strong commitment to the environment. Hadeed's 3R waste management strategy – reuse, recycle, recover – includes recovering valuable metals, and re-using baghouse dust (from industrial air filters) in concrete cement. Harsco has a long track record of recovering valuable metals from steelmaking co-products, and in the same process finding sustainable solutions for recycling residual materials.

The next stage for Hadeed on the journey towards zero waste was ferrous oxides. Harsco processes Hadeed's entire output of shredder waste, millscale and baghouse dusts. Without any processing, these heterogenous mixes have little intrinsinc value and would merely be sent to landfill. Harsco's long experience of handling these materials has allowed it to develop an efficient process for recovering the valuable metals so that the residual materials can be recycled into industrial applications.

Harsco examined the market for aggregates in the local area and developed applications for steel slag in roadmaking and construction. Certain ground conditions in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia cannot support the construction of buildings without ground stabilization. Civil engineers specify graded aggregate to stabilize the soil. Steel slag is used as a source material due to its superior mechanical and physical properties compared to natural aggregate.

In Saudi Arabia, Harsco has recycled 100% of the steel slag it has processed for Hadeed, resulting in no landfill and translating into zero expense for the customer.

Harsco's positive experience with Hadeed is now spreading the environmental benefits further afield. Harsco is in discussions with other steelmakers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf on achieving similar gains.

In 2009, Harsco was honored by Hadeed with a top award for contractor performance in Safety, Health and Environmental management. The award was in recognition of the contribution made by Harsco on Hadeed's journey towards Zero Waste.