Harsco Metals & Minerals

Abu Dhabi has a growing requirement for infrastructure and housing. Native steel production is therefore a strategic industry for the government of Abu Dhabi, who have built a world class steelmaking facility there.

With demand from the UAE’s construction sector continuing to increase, Emirates Steel Industries (ESI), already the largest steel mill in the Emirates, undertook a $1 billion expansion to increases its annual steel production capacity to 1.4 million tons.

Drawing on its experience of co-product management around the world, Harsco  introduced a slag transportation and iron oxide management operation, and also runs the stockyard where the finished wire product is stored.

A critical aspect of the project was the rapid start-up of operations. Owing to Harsco's existing operations throughout the Gulf region, the necessary logistics and experience were already available to support the customer on the ground. With more than 160 metals plants served around the world, Harsco was able to rapidly implement a solution for ESI which drew on global shared knowledge and experience.