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High Friction Surfacing (HFS) materials have proven road safety advantages where there is a high risk of skidding e.g. approaches to traffic lights, pedestrian crossing or intersections. There is a growing market for these aggregates around the world.
High Friction Surfacing requires a minimum Skid Resistance Value (SRV) of 70 under test conditions.

With 40 years accumulated experience of research and development on slag use in roadmaking, Harsco was able to develop STEELSTOP® product to match highway authority specification for skid resistance. During laboratory trials at the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland), steel slag recorded a Skid Resistance Value, which meets the requirements specified for HFS products.

Steel Slag prices compare favourably to the calcined bauxite imported from China, the only rival HFS product currently available. Steel slag is also a more environmentally friendly product being a re-used steelmaking by-product as opposed to a quarried and calcined natural resource.

Harsco has installed STEELSTOP® at a selected location in Swinton, Rotherham. The location of the trial site is next to Swinton Comprehensive School, on a busy main road. The material has been laid either side of a pedestrian crossing.

View video of STEELSTOP® on YouTube or press play below.